Building Climate Resilience from Within: The Power of Community-Centered Planning

Amidst the backdrop of 2023’s heatwaves, deadly wildfires, and historic hurricanes, we’re confronted with an undeniable truth: climate change is an issue we can no longer afford to overlook. As urban planners, it’s imperative that we confront the pressing questions regarding the intersection of our work with an increasingly volatile planet.   The scale of the […]

Summer in the City: Explore NYC’s Best with Public Works Partners

Looking to make the most of the season? Discover summer in New York through the eyes of the Public Works team! As a leading urban planning firm, we’ve come to know and love this city intimately and we’re thrilled to share an updated list of our staff’s hand-picked recommendations for enjoying New York’s hot days […]

Staff Spotlight: Dedicated Community Health Enthusiast Aman Patel

Aman’s journey into urban planning was sparked during his undergraduate studies when he became involved with a housing organization that aimed to address the challenges of those in need. As a volunteer, he witnessed firsthand the profound impact urban planning and policy could have on people’s lives. Now, Aman is a Project Coordinator with the […]

Staff Spotlight: How Margaret is Embracing Continuous Learning in Urban Planning

Public Works shines the spotlight on Margaret Hanson, showcasing her profound passion for urban planning and how it paved her path to our firm. With an unwavering commitment to creating sustainable, vibrant communities, she embodies the ideal combination of expertise and enthusiasm. In this feature, we are delighted to share her story, delve into her […]

Staff Spotlight: Sarafina’s Journey from Analyst to Urban Visionary

Sarafina Fabris-Green, an Analyst on the Client Services team, joined Public Works Partners in 2021 after searching for an opportunity that combined her interests in research, community engagement, and urban planning. Since then, Sarafina has worked on diverse projects that have spanned the spectrum of transportation planning to capture workers’ perspectives across the United States. […]

Public Works Partners Expands to West Coast with Pasadena Office

Pasadena, CA (June 7, 2023) – Public Works Partners, a WBE/DBE/SBE certified urban planning and management consulting firm, has announced the opening of their new West Coast office in Pasadena, California. The firm’s West Coast office will be housed in Spaces Pasadena in the historic and vibrant Playhouse Village district and steps away from the […]

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