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Organizational Health

Strategy Development & Capacity Building

Organizational strategies are only as good as the ability of an organization to implement. We get this. We design strategies that match the goals, circumstances, and resources of each organization we work with.

Organizations come to Public Works for support developing innovative strategies that improve service delivery, internal operations, and capacity. We have led the development of strategic plans and initiatives for well over a dozen organizations of all sizes, from city-wide agencies to small mission-driven organizations. Our clients regularly return, whether because of a change in leadership or shifting priorities, because they trust our process and feel heard.

Our strategy development and capacity building services begin with a comprehensive current state assessment focused on pinpointing both internal and external considerations that impact service delivery. From this starting point, we devise an engagement strategy designed to document and probe perspectives from all impacted stakeholders. Depending on the needs of each client, we lead interactive visioning sessions that utilize human centered design best practices, field and synthesize staff surveys, and hold listening sessions with program partners. We distill insights from these engagements to produce measurable and implementable strategies that advance our clients’ missions and strategic goals. We also support the implementation of these strategies by providing capacity building that is relevant and relatable to staff.

Our capacity building services are designed to slot into existing organizational structures to address gaps, support new service areas, and, ultimately, support long-term organizational health. We develop solutions that work for our clients and their teams. As part of this work, we create how-to guides, facilitate staff trainings, and ensure straightforward handoffs of tools or processes, providing team coaching and support along the way.

Our Expertise

Clients benefit from our years of experience as nonprofit administrators and our proven approach to strategy development, which lead to highly implementable strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each organization we serve.

  • Current state assessment
  • Staff, leadership, and board engagement
  • Interactive visioning sessions that center human-centered design principles
  • Collaborative goal and objective development
  • Implementation strategy planning
  • Tailored capacity building strategies

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