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Health & Human Services

Public Works Partners provides a host of organizational health services to advance the missions and visions of health and human services providers through improved service delivery, management strategies, goal setting and implementation planning, and more.

Public Works Partners

At Public Works, we understand how crucial health and human services are for any community.

We also have a deep understanding of the complex regulatory, funding, and management systems that support the provision of health and human services. This confluence of expertise and opportunity for impact means that we often work with the nonprofits and government agencies who provide essential health and human services to communities across the country.

We collaborate with our health and human services clients to design and implement programs that are responsive to their communities, to develop comprehensive evaluation and performance management approaches, and to create sustainable organizational strategies and systems that allow these organizations to grow and thrive. Our approach blends our expertise in human service delivery, nonprofit management, and government contracting with a collaborative approach that brings out our clients’ on-the-ground experiences to create unique, well-informed, and high-impact solutions.

Our Impact

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Designed new organizational and financial structures for each of University Settlement’s administrative departments as it prepared for a significant organizational transformation after a 20-year-long partnership with The Door.

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Worked with Goodwill of Greater New York and New Jersey to develop a strategic plan for the organization to realign and advance its mission, along with optimizing fiscal sustainability and operational efficiency. Along with the plan, Public Works delivered a robust set of metrics to measure progress towards strategic objectives and track the organization’s health and performance on an ongoing basis.

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Provided key support to the Annie E. Casey Foundation as they implemented their national initiative, Generation Works. Public Works designed and ran a grantee selection process that allowed the Foundation to align $500,000 of initial planning grants with applicants across the country who were best positioned to advance Generations Work’s overall objectives.

Celeste Frye, AICP

Founder & CEO

Allison Quigney


Moe Magali


Mario Gutierrez

Senior Manager

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