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Public Works Partners is a WBE/DBE-certified urban planning and consulting firm.
Our expertise lies in creating innovative, equitable, and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

We build stronger neighborhoods across the United States that support thriving communities. Our multidisciplinary team, which represents the diversity of the communities we work within, is based in New York.

Our tested process, Process With Purpose, and the multifaceted skillsets of our team enable us to provide expert insights, solutions, and analyses across disciplines. Our expertise lies in designing programs, policies, and places that work for each community. We take a wholistic approach to our work, drawing on management and urban planning best practices, our experience as public administrators, and our expertise in stakeholder and community engagement. We put our skills into action to advance educational institutions, economic and community development organizations, environmental and climate resilience initiatives, health and human services organizations, transportation and infrastructure projects, and workforce development programs and policies.

We don’t believe in creating top-down solutions; we collaborate closely with our partners and on-the-ground community members to create pathways to employment, job creation strategies, data-driven analyses, and public spaces that advance goals and serve the community in the near- and long-term.

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