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We support educational institutions and agencies striving to create transformative opportunities for their students. From K-12 public school districts to small liberal arts colleges, we provide educators with the tools, strategies, and evidence to pursue strategic initiatives and enhance outcomes. Our workforce development expertise equips us to create viable pathways from school to career.

While the primary objective of educational institutions is to create productive learning environments for their students, there is so much more that happens behind the scenes

From conducting program evaluations to launching new programs to securing funding, educational institutions must constantly innovate and look to the future. Public Works’ expertise in program design and evaluation, strategic planning, and workforce development uniquely positions us to help educational institutions plan for future needs while designing for financial and organizational stability.

We work closely with our education clients to lead research activities to better understand the landscape in which our clients work, to evaluate program outcomes, and to effectively plan for the future. We bring together expertise in workforce development and financial management to launch innovative programs that are sustainable, aligned with our clients’ strategic objectives, and impactful. We also develop best-in-class evaluation strategies that work for our clients, building internal capacity to track outcomes over time and tell the full story of the program. Our work in this issue area gives education clients the tools, strategies, and resources they need, so they can focus on teaching tomorrow’s leaders.

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Our Impact

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Partnered with Lincoln Center Education (LCE) to evaluate their Scholars Program. Public Works measured initial outcomes, evaluated drivers of scholar success, provided recommendations to increase impact, and identified pathways to incorporate LCE values into Scholars’ classrooms and teaching methods.

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Worked alongside The Fund for Public Schools to implement 7 pilots in two years to re-engage students that were impacted the most in the COVID recovery process, including multilingual learners, students of color, students from low-income families, and students with disabilities

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Created a 2-year implementation plan for Wells College, a small liberal arts college based in Aurora, NY, to implement workforce credentialing programming based on regional workforce needs to expand its regional footprint and ensure long-term financial stability by developing employer-specific hospitality and healthcare workforce partnerships.

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Led the creation and implementation of an employer engagement strategy to support Hostos Community College as they implemented a first-of-its-kind healthcare worker apprenticeship program. Public Works effectively built employer buy-in for the program and aligned the training curriculum to employer needs, paving the way for improved participant outcomes.

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Founder & CEO

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