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Program Design & Evaluation

Program design and program evaluation services are designed to maximize your impact. Meet funding expectations, create positive outcomes for your community, and advance your mission.

We design programs for a variety of organizations committed to building stronger communities.

Our team of program design and evaluation experts distill the needs of your organization, the populations you serve, and your funders to create programs that make a positive impact. We also work closely with your team to create evaluation strategies– from program metrics to formative evaluations–that are rooted in your organizational capacity and culture to ensure that they are implementable and produce useful insights that will support your organization for years to come.

Our program design work focuses on making our clients’ visions for stronger communities possible. Clients bring us their big ideas and goals, and we translate these into implementable program models that create impact. Our multi-disciplinary backgrounds give us the expertise to build programmatic solutions that align with our clients’ goals, fit the needs of prospective participants, and produce outcomes that hold value. We’ve designed programs for numerous health and human services providers, nonprofit organizations, and higher educational institutions.

Our program evaluation services work hand-in-hand with our program design services. We evaluate program pilots to test their efficacy in achieving desired outcomes and develop proofs of concept that position our clients to increase their impact by scaling their programs or attracting additional funding. Our evaluation services have supported programs of all sizes, including government funded programs, such as the WE NYC Initiative of the NYC Department of Small Business Services, and specialized workforce development programs.

Our program evaluation approach follows a similar model – we take the time to understand the fundamental goals of the initiative we’re evaluating and design an evaluation strategy that centers a diversity of perspectives, resulting in a well-rounded and insightful evaluation.

Our Expertise

Public Works has been instrumental in designing programs and evaluation strategies that directly support the delivery of high-quality services to communities in need.

  • Goal alignment across diverse stakeholder groups
  • Staff and stakeholder engagement to inform program design process
  • Creation of program logic models
  • Development of program frameworks and alignment with external expectations, such as private and/or public funding requirements
  • Identification of metrics and milestones for program evaluation
  • Creation of actionable implementation strategies and timelines
  • Data collection, analysis, and recommendation development

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