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Credit: Winston Struye

Community Health

Taskforce & Advisory Board Facilitation

We build coalitions that move projects forward.

From convening elected officials to recruiting community residents for advisory boards, we have the experience and expertise to identify stakeholders essential to success and shape momentum for the project. We work closely with project stakeholders and leaders to design symbiotic workstreams that build trust, advance informed decision making, and benefit the community.

We know that everyone comes to an initiative with a diverse perspective shaped by their lived experience, profession, beliefs, and interests. We build consensus among diverse stakeholders through a focus on shared goals and big-picture outcomes. Through a blend of small and large group conversations, focus groups, targeted community outreach, and expert interviews, we provide taskforces and advisory boards with the space, knowledge, and data to make informed decisions and come to agreement on their visions for the initiative at hand.

We also leverage our knowledge of regulatory processes and the relationships between municipal agencies to bring together key stakeholders to overcome roadblocks and identify strategies for cross-agency and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Our Expertise

We drive outcomes by moving stakeholder groups towards consensus through a focus on shared goals.

  • Stakeholder identification and relationship mapping
  • Facilitation of meetings, focus groups, and expert interviews
  • Synthesis of feedback and recommendation development
  • Consensus building

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