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Community Health

Stakeholder Engagement

We proactively bring impacted stakeholders into the planning process and give them the tools, resources, and access to inform decisions that will strengthen their communities.

We understand the importance of engaging local communities to create strategies that fit the neighborhood and are sustainable over time. We help organizations design and execute stakeholder engagement that leads to actionable plans and policies. We engage stakeholders at every level – residents, businesses, advocates, leaders – to understand opportunities and create effective action steps. Our outreach approach fosters buy in to ensure a seamless transition from planning to execution. We do this through a commitment to building trust throughout the engagement process and creating meaningful feedback loops between community members, project partners, and our clients.

We work closely with technical teams, agency leadership, and community-based organizations to develop and implement equitable stakeholder engagement strategies that center the perspectives of a diversity of people impacted by a given initiative. Through innovative and interactive engagement strategies that meet people where they are, we gather insights, build trust, and advance core project objectives. We develop and disseminate accessible surveys, facilitate pop-up events that coincide with natural community gatherings, and lead informative open houses and public meetings. Accessibility is essential; we work with professional translators and interpreters to meet language needs, consider physical access to gathering places, and hold events at multiple times of day and in multiple formats (online and in-person) to ensure a wide variety of people are able to engage.

But we don’t just engage. We leverage our analytical skillsets to synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to develop evidence-driven recommendations that advance project objectives in alignment with community needs. Our team members’ training in urban planning, economic and community development, and resiliency enables us to act as a conduit of information between technical teams and community members, creating value throughout the engagement process.

Credit: Winston Struye

Our Expertise

We create engagement strategies that meet people where they are, center equity and accessibility, and help communities make and advance informed decisions that will shape their futures.

  • Development and management of stakeholder engagement plans
  • Stakeholder and community research
  • Survey design, dissemination, and analysis
  • Public outreach, including flyering, public notices, social media strategy, and public meetings
  • Charrette design and facilitation
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Recommendation development

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