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Community Health

Economic Analysis & Modeling

Maximize economic development goals and clarify opportunities for growth with our economic analysis and modeling services.

We develop goal-oriented economic analyses and models that investigate the feasibility of proposed programs, service expansions, and organizational pivots in the context in which they will take place. We use labor market analyses, regional trend analyses, demographic analyses, policy analyses, existing resource assessments, and stakeholder interviews to contextualize proposed concepts and identify outcomes that will advance our clients’ goals in a sustainable way that is aligned with needs.

Our economic analysis and modeling services have supported targeted investments in burgeoning sectors, such as the life sciences sector, as well as the development of localized economic and community development policies. We also support master planning and neighborhood-wide redevelopment efforts. We devise action plans that will advance near-, mid-, and long-term economic goals.

We leverage our expertise in strategy planning and capacity building to develop governance protocols that make sense in each clients’ specific context. Ultimately, we provide our clients with the steps required to accomplish their goals and the capacity to guide the process to completion.

Our Expertise

Clients benefit from our years of experience as nonprofit administrators and our proven approach to strategy development, which lead to highly implementable strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each organization we serve.

  • Master planning for campuses, parks, neighborhoods, and cities
  • Stakeholder and community engagement strategies to inform plan development
  • Labor market and industry analysis
  • Implementation planning
  • Economic modeling
  • Governance strategy

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