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Organizational Health

Business Planning

An objective, data-based approach to financial planning at moments of fiscal uncertainty.

Clients often come to us at times of financial unpredictability to get support devising strategies for sustained financial health. We leverage a deeply collaborative process to create business plans that fit your organizational culture and the needs of those you serve. We have experience developing business plans for specific programs with earned revenue implications, such as a social enterprise program component of a larger nonprofit organization, as well as business plans that focus on the financial health of an entire organization.

Business plans are important tools for nonprofit organizations. These plans bring together insights into the physical and financial assets of an organization, its programs, and its strategic goals. Our business planning services deliver clarity in the face of upheaval through a combination of sound business practices, models that are grounded in the reality and goals of your organization, and market assessments. Our business plans set clear definitions for financial sustainability for your organization, establish timelines for achieving these goals, and lay out the revenue drivers, such as programs or site rental opportunities, that will help you achieve your financial goals.

We also understand the importance of sharing these plans beyond your organization. We collaborate with senior leadership teams to develop compelling presentations for board members, external funders, and potential clients.

Source: Kaleidico

Our Expertise

We understand the challenges nonprofits face and the complex environment in which they work. This understanding is built into our business planning process.

  • Review and analysis of internal financial documents to assess pain points and identify gaps
  • Revenue generation strategy development
  • Market assessment and competitive analysis
  • Financial model development

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