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Spring Has Sprung and New York’s Future Is Green!

By Public Works Partners

April 5, 2024

In an exciting stride toward a sustainable future, NYC Mayor Eric Adams launched the Green Economy Action Plan, targeting an investment surge into climate-fighting industries. Set to create nearly 400,000 green jobs by 2040, the plan emphasizes inclusion, aiming to lift New Yorkers from disadvantaged communities into the forefront of environmental change. With 63 targeted actions, it reflects the City’s commitment to inclusive economic growth, calling for collaboration across sectors to achieve a sustainable New York City for all. Public Works Partners is thrilled to have played a role in this venture, partnering with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development, Buro Happold, and Urbane. Together, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to conduct a comprehensive economic analysis of this flourishing area of the economy. This plan promises to reshape our environmental landscape and foster a thriving community where opportunity is accessible to everyone. Click here to download the full report.

In collaboration with AEA Consulting, Open Design Collective, and the Northeast Oklahoma City Legacy Builders, Public Works Partners has completed a feasibility study for the historic Brockway Center and Lyons-Luster Mansion. The collaborative partnership transformed the feasibility study into a community-driven initiative, integrating restorative justice and trauma-informed methods to celebrate achievements and address past injustices. The study emphasized collective decision-making and choosing a Community Investment Trust (CIT) to promote wealth-building and community control.

This innovative approach positions the Northeast Oklahoma CIT as a pioneering model for leveraging preservation economics to empower communities nationwide. This project was led by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority and the Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority, with funding from the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Discover cutting-edge insights in our latest briefing, “Building Smarter Nations: How Governments Are Harnessing AI for Global Advancement,” where Maliya Malik explores how AI is revolutionizing governance, public services, disaster management, healthcare, and sustainability worldwide. Through compelling case studies from leading cities and nations such as Singapore, California, New York City, Barcelona, London, and the United Arab Emirates, learn AI’s transformative impact in addressing societal challenges and promoting well-being. These case studies underscore collaborative efforts toward an inclusive, transparent, and accountable AI-powered future. 

This quarter, our team is exploring the intersection of health, wellness, and urban planning. Join us as we examine how wellness initiatives boost workplace productivity, discover the benefits of green mobility, and uncover the impact of urban design on mental health. Follow #PublicWorksWellness on our social media channels to level up your knowledge in this dynamic field.

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