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December 2023 Newsletter: Public Works to Lead Hudson’s Comprehensive Plan!

By Public Works Partners

December 12, 2023

Public Works Partners is thrilled to be at the forefront of supporting the City of Hudson towards a bright and sustainable future! Spearheading the development of the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update, our dynamic team, led by Public Works Principal Melissa Lee and Senior Manager Daniel McCombie, in partnership with SLR Consulting, is committed to an inclusive, community-driven future for Hudson. Grounded in sustainable and equitable development principles, the plan seeks to maximize the city’s potential while addressing unique challenges and opportunities.

This project represents a pivotal moment for Public Works Partners, underscoring our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of the communities we serve. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, as we collectively shape a future that reflects the resilience and vitality of the City of Hudson. Follow our progress on LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest updates on this exciting venture!

Self-Employed? New Tax Toolkits for You (and all New Yorkers)!

The Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) at the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection introduced new tax services for self-employed individuals, simplifying tax and financial record management. The NYC Free Tax Services for Self-Employed Filers program extends a helping hand to gig workers, freelancers, and small business owners, offering comprehensive support in annual and quarterly tax filing preparations. The program also offers insightful workshops and personalized consultations to demystify the basics of tax filing and record-keeping. OFE collaborated with Public Works Partners to develop the program’s user-friendly tax preparation toolkits. These toolkits guide self-employed professionals in understanding their employment status, navigating tax obligations, and adopting best practices to ensure a smooth and professional tax experience. Click here to access the toolkits.

We’re Bringing Back #PublicWorksGivesBack

At Public Works, doing good is ingrained in our core values. We strive to enhance municipal systems, collaborating with planning agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and community leaders to better serve and empower communities. As part of this commitment, we are proudly launching our fifth annual #PublicWorksGivesBack campaign. This staff-led initiative allows our team to donate to a 501(c)(3) organization of their choice, with Public Works matching their contributions to amplify impact. It is also the time to see what Public Works team members are passionate about and learn about great nonprofits that are making a difference in our community. This season, join us in supporting causes close to our team’s hearts. Learn about the importance of this tradition from our CEO, Celeste Frye, in our latest video!

Transportation Networks Are at a Critical Crossroads 

Public Works Principal Melissa Lee, in a recent Western City Magazine article, “Transportation Networks Are at a Critical Crossroads,” outlines urgent transportation challenges facing under-resourced communities. Emphasizing the vital role accessible and affordable transportation plays in these communities, she explores complex barriers such as high transportation costs and safety concerns. Melissa advocates for substantial investment in affordable and accessible public transit, discussing successful initiatives like San Francisco’s Slow Streets, Oakland’s Bus Rapid Transit, and Coachella Valley’s CV Link. These examples illustrate cost-effective changes aimed at addressing transportation inequalities. The article highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between governments and communities to create a brighter, more sustainable future tailored to residents’ specific needs. Read the full article here.

Philanthropy’s Response to the Global Climate Crisis

Curious about the untapped potential of philanthropy in addressing the developing climate crisis? In our recent brief, Philanthropy’s Response to the Global Climate Crisis, Public Works Analyst Margaret Hanson analyzes this critical question. This in-depth exploration examines the crucial role philanthropic organizations play in addressing climate change, emphasizing their unique capacities and resources across various key facets. From raising awareness and advocating for climate action to investing in climate solutions and supporting adaptation efforts, the article showcases impactful case studies, delves into challenges faced by the philanthropic community, and proposes best practices for maximizing effectiveness! Click here to download the brief directly.

Join Us at the NYC Offshore Wind Holiday Celebration!

Celebrate this year’s successes in New York City’s Offshore Wind on Thursday, December 19th, at Pig Beach in Astoria, Queens. Co-hosted by Public Works Partners, this event is capping off an incredible year for the Offshore Wind sector in New York. Join us to toast the achievements of Attentive Energy One, Community Offshore Wind, and Vineyard Offshore- the proud winners of the recent Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credits procurement round. RSVP now for an evening of festive networking!

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