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Margaret Hanson

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Develops compelling project proposals and content to support the firm’s business development efforts.

About Margaret

Margaret, an Analyst on the Business Development team, supports the conceptualization of client-driven project proposals to strengthen communities, build nonprofit organizational capacity, and improve the delivery of public services. She is focused on communicating the value of the firm’s urban planning and management consulting solutions and planting the seeds for potential long-term relationships.

Prior to joining Public Works, Margaret assisted with non-profit and municipal operations in numerous positions. For the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), she researched how Financial Empowerment Centers (FEC) perform in their first two years of operation and how FEC services may affect racial equity on an individual or community level. Margaret also supported certification management tasks for the Center for Active Design’s signature healthy building certification product, Fitwel, and assisted the Real Estate Services (RES) line of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) in conducting GIS and environmental review analyses to support the City’s planning and land use goals. 

Margaret holds an M.S. in Urban Planning from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation. As a student, she explored the role community-centered actors and land management strategies can play in planning for climate adaptation in low-lying areas across New York City in the Retreat or Resurgence Studio. Her thesis, Playing With/In the City: An Observational Approach to Ludic Public Space Interventions in New York City, seeks to address how playful placemaking practices can create more just and participatory public spaces. Margaret also holds a B.A. in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Margaret by the Metrics

  • Minutes spent listening to Spotify in 2022: 27,841 
  • Half-marathons ran: 0.8
  • Number of sweet animals at home: 4

Service Areas

Stakeholder Engagement

Business Planning

Project Management & Implementation


Environment & Climate Resilience

Economic & Community Development

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