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Financial Manager

Mindy Espinosa


Manages all of Public Works Partners financial transactions and record keeping.

About Mindy

Mindy is a trained accountant who prefers the bookkeeping aspect of her trade. She has over 15 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Mindy has work with over 30 small-and mid-sized firms, with consulting and marketing firms being her specialty. As a bookkeeper, she ensures her clients are well-informed about their business affairs. She can communicate in whatever fashion works best for the client – over the phone, via email, or video conference.

Mindy continually challenges herself to keep up with the latest technology but is also comfortable with old-fashioned Excel and even pen and paper. She strives to create a space where her clients feel confident that the relationship is built on trust, truthfulness, and clear communication. Mindy is detail oriented and financially minded.

Mindy is a graduate from Bernard Baruch College and holds a Bachelor of Business in Administration Accounting.


Mindy by the Metrics

  • 15 years of bookkeeping

Service Areas

Business Planning

Organizational Improvement


Economic & Community Development

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