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January 2024 Newsletter: Boarding All Rows: Public Works Partners’ 2023 Journey

By Public Works Partners

January 28, 2024

2023 has been a remarkable journey for us at Public Works Partners! We’ve embarked on new ventures, received fantastic recognition, and achieved significant progress in our initiatives. Every figure in our story represents the dedication and effort we’ve put into enhancing community well-being and strengthening organizations.

Public Works Partners applauds the Orange County Transportation Council for updating its Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) through 2050, focusing on economic and societal support. As part of the Transpo Group-led team, we played a central role in driving stakeholder engagement efforts in the LRTP development. Our work in developing a public-inclusive program have helped shape effective strategies for improving Orange County’s transportation infrastructure and policies. This collaboration will enhance safety, mobility, and environmental sustainability for county residents, students, and workers.

Click here to access Orange County’s Long Range Transportation Plan 2050.

This year’s #PublicWorksGivesBack campaign was a heartfelt journey, illuminating the efforts of 15 nonprofits in New York City and globally. Matching our employees’ end-of-year donations to these organizations, this campaign brought to light the causes close to our hearts and showcased our collective and individual dedication to fostering stronger, more vibrant communities. We supported Mi Patria and Stonewall Community Development, championing housing solutions for New York’s Puerto Rican and senior LGBTQ+ communities. Our contributions also reached  STEAM:CODERS, fueling educational initiatives in science and engineering for underrepresented youth. Furthermore, we stood with human rights advocates like Rebuilding Alliance and the International Federation of Journalists. Each donation was more than just a contribution; it was a testament to our deep-seated commitment to making a real, lasting difference in the lives we touch and the communities we cherish.

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