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How the Public Works Team is Celebrating NYC this Summer

By Bebe LeGardeur

May 31, 2021

A deep love for New York City is one of the unifying forces that has brought many of us to Public Works Partners. As we look to the summer, we are all feeling ready to go out and celebrate the City, from the food and nightlife scenes we’ve all missed to the social elements of life in a city of 8.4 million that were impossible for the past year. We asked the team what they love most about summer in NYC and what they’re most looking forward to.


Bar chart showing opinions about the summer season

Favorite thing about NYC in the summer

Allison is looking forward to outdoor movies. (You can find schedules here)

Kat loves how alive the streets become. Not just with people, but with art and entertainment.

Jasmine appreciates walking around the City (and stopping for snacks).

Bebe likes the camaraderie people share on the especially hot days.


What we’ll be doing this summer

Jordan will be living at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 sand volleyball courts this summer.

Sarafina and Naomi will both be heading out to the Rockaways to spend the day at the beach.

Celeste will be tracking down and enjoying live music outdoors (check out some options here)

Jennifer will be making her way to Coney Island

Summer will be eating lots of Van Leeuwen’s vegan chocolate ice cream.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for all the things NYC has to offer this summer as the City enters this new world shaped by the pandemic. Share your thoughts and favorite summer activities with us @PublicWorksIQ.

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