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By Public Works Partners

July 29, 2020

On July 22nd Public Works Partners hosted a webinar to introduce nonprofit leaders to our COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up tool. Below you will find key points from our discussion.


COVID-19 has upended service models for most providers.

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The economic slow-down due to the pandemic has brought significant strains to the resources available to the nonprofit community, leaving you with an unpredictable future.

We created the COVID-19 Edition of the Nonprofit Tune-Up to support nonprofits and community-based organizations by providing you with pro bono tools to guide your strategies as you work to recover from the pandemic.


The COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up is a pro bono online tool offering a comprehensive analysis of your organization.

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Our team of nonprofit experts will go over the information you share with us to establish organizational benchmarks that will positively impact your operations and business planning.

We have proven expertise in nonprofit management, which we’ve developed by supporting over 100 nonprofits through strategic shifts and organizational realignments. More recently, our team has helped dozens of nonprofit leaders to prepare for the resource and program services-related challenges that have arisen from COVID-19. Together, these experiences and the Nonprofit Tune-up tool will allow us to pinpoint problem areas and to suggest actionable strategy changes to position your organization to enhance operations.

The COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up consists of a short, highly secure online survey that will ask for key financial and organizational documents. Once the survey is submitted, our team will review your materials and will set a time to meet virtually to discuss our findings. You’ll get expert, unbiased advice and new strategies to move your organization forward with confidence.


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