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August 2022 Newsletter: Boy, it’s hot out there!

By Ava Lopez

August 19, 2022

The Dog Days of Summer: What’s Up with this Heat? 
Clay Leconey, via Unsplash

New Yorkers saw a record-breaking heat wave at the end of July, which will only get longer and more frequent as the threat of climate change worsens. Across the country, heat waves often disproportionately impact vulnerable communities, and the urban heat island of Manhattan is no exception. Public Works Analyst Simon Rosenblum-Larson examines the varying factors that make heat waves more unbearable for vulnerable New Yorkers. He also offers solutions for urban cities such as New York to mitigate the challenges of heat waves.

Read here on the Public Works IQ.

The Verdict Is Still Out on Community Policing
Benjamin Jopen, via Unsplash

Community policing sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Many people don’t want to see police just respond to crimes but help prevent them. So, instead of traditional policing, people create community partnerships to help stop crime in its tracks. 81% of the U.S. population lives where community policing is an active practice. Yet, what if I told you that community policing doesn’t look the same across the board? Even though it’s popular, it’s ambiguous. Massive funding has gone towards community policing, but how this plays out is very different from town to town. Check out Public Works IQ to read Noah Brook’s three-part piece that breaks down the history and evolution of community policing.

One More Thing

We’re looking for an urbanist with an eye for graphic design and savvy digital design skills to join us as a Project Coordinator. This role is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students looking to make an impact through crisp and culturally sensitive communication collateral. Does this sound like you? You can check out our careers page and apply today.

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